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    How our pioneering spirit brings together over 235 million customers across 13 markets to connect their world at the speed of life. The vision, network, and digital solutions to unlock new opportunities that will help our customers live richer lives.
  • Profile
    Our journey, strategy, leadership and corporate governance: How we’re evolving to become one of the world’s largest digital communications companies with the ambition to create value beyond connectivity.
  • Businesses
    Building brand leaders in our markets. Empowering millions through data, mobility and digitalization. Building local presence in a global world. We have the pace, agility, and intimacy to bring the digital world to each and every customer.
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235+ million

The number of mobile customers connecting through our network across 13 markets

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US$8.9 billion

Our FY 2016 revenue 

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Markets respectively

  • Understanding VimpelCom
    Our journey, strategy, leadership and corporate governance: How we grew to become one of the world’s largest communications providers.
  • Understanding Vimpelcom
    Customers drive everything that we do, and our exciting footprint in emerging markets enables us to push technological boundaries that unlock opportunity and empower our customers.
  • Understanding VimpelCom
    Guiding our path across markets and cultures, the people behind VEON’s future.


From entrepreneurial beginnings as a startup, VEON has grown into an international telecommunications and technology business with more than 235 million customers and the ability to reach more than 10% of the world’s population.

We place our customers at the center of our universe, they are the reason we strive to be pioneers and the reason we innovate. They fuel our transformative ambition to bring the digital world to each and every customer. We believe in creating products that deliver opportunity and enable them to live richer lives. We will be not only be a trusted partner but an advocate on their behalf, bringing their voice to the world as well as the world to them.

We capture ideas and innovations through our global hubs around the world and direct them to where their potential is greatest – becoming more than the sum of our parts, a global business serving an increasingly interconnected world.  

Our culture is inspired by our heritage as a pioneer and guided by Our Pioneering Spirit. The frontier is our home, we respect the world around us, travel light and we thrive on the diversity our global presence gives us. We use this to innovate and are not afraid to be bold in the interests of our customers.

We believe in being open and this guides the way we do business from operating to high standards of corporate governance and sustainability, through to forming creative collaborations to deliver the best products for our customers.

  • Amsterdam
    VEON has made one of the world’s most international and entrepreneurial cities its home. Drawing on a strong talent pool of innovators, and key professionals, Amsterdam is where we shape our strategic digital vision and connect our business around the world.
  • Russia
    VEON’s Russian unit, Beeline Russia, is one of the country’s three principal operators with 60 million Beeline customers out of a population of 142 million. Beeline Russia differentiates itself with a strong customer-centric position, and this year recaptured the number one position in Moscow.
  • Italy
    VEON’s Italian unit, Wind, is the market’s third leading operator with 21 million customers out of a population of 62 million. Wind is Italy’s leading alternative fixed line operator and has won numerous national and international awards for service quality and customer experience.
  • Algeria
    VEON’s operator in Algeria, Djezzy, is the clear market leader with 17 million customers out of a population of 40 million. Djezzy is also number one in terms of customer satisfaction and is enjoying rapid take-up of the high-speed data networks it is developing.
  • pakistan
    VEON’s operator in Pakistan, Mobilink, has more than 36 million customers in a growing market of 199 million people. Mobilink boasts Pakistan’s largest distribution network and has an unparalleled 6,500km national fiber-optic backbone ensuring uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity.
  • Bangladesh
    VEON’s operator in Bangladesh, Banglalink, holds second position in the market with 32 million customers out of 169 million people. Banglalink, was the first operator to offer 3G services in all 64 regions of Bangladesh and delivers innovative services to the crucial agriculture sector.
  • Ukraine
    VEON’s operator in Ukraine, Kyivstar, is the market leader with 25 million customers out of a population of 44 million. Kyivstar uses a broad range of mobile and fixed line technologies, and continues to build Ukraine’s most extensive 3G network and its biggest range of local multimedia content.
  • kazakhstan
    Beeline Kazakhstan is the country’s second largest operator with 10 million customers in a country of 18 million. Beeline Kazakhstan combines its mobile and fixed networks to deliver increasingly integrated propositions to the market.


Our business extends across Europe, Asia and Africa and gives us the ability to reach 10 percent of the world’s population. 

With over 235 million customers across the world, our brands connect people, communities and businesses. We connect people to their future in the digital world and unlock opportunities for our customers.

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  • Responsibility
    Corporate Responsibility is a key focus for VEON.
  • Responsibility
    Our shared vision is to add value to society. Access our annual CR reports here.
  • Responsibility
    Make Your Mark is a key element of VEON’s corporate responsibility strategy with the goal to ‘help young people shape their future’.
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    See how we develop Services for Society.
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    Watch videos of our corporate responsibility projects from around the world.


Our approach to corporate responsibility has two main elements: ensuring we behave in a way that meets the expectations of our broad range of stakeholders, and leveraging our technology, expertise and the passion of our people to help improve lives in the markets where we operate.

Read our CR Report for details on our progress and our challenges, as we connect our vision to our actions.

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    Our market-leading position and on-going success makes the VEON group of companies an exciting place to work. We are continuously searching for tomorrow’s leaders. Get in touch.
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Connecting you to your future: the opportunity to engage, learn and make a difference in one of the world’s leading global organizations. Become a part of VEON’s future.