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What is VEON’s approach to Corporate Responsibility?


VEON has a long-term CR strategy, consisting of two main elements. Building trust with our stakeholders, by behaving in a responsible way, is the key to maintaining our ‘license to operate’. At the same time, we recognize the opportunities from leveraging our technology, our commercial expertise and the commitment of our employees, adding tangible value to society through products and services and social investment. Through our own actions, and by enabling others, we can deliver positive contributions to society’s challenges on a real scale, helping to tackle many of the issues covered by the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals. This is particularly true in emerging markets where the spread of connectivity, mobile internet and mobile-enabled services, education, health and agriculture are helping to drive socioeconomic progress.

Further detailed information is provided on the Responsibilitypages of the website, which include the annual Group CR Reports.