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VEON has undergone a profound transformation since the new leadership team initiated the transformation of the company from a pure telecoms operator into a world class telecommunications and digital service provider. In February 2017, the company rebranded as VEON. This and the secondary listing in Amsterdam in April 2017 mark the latest steps in the strategy.

VEON is both the new name of the company and of our new personal digital platform, which we intend to deploy across all our markets in the coming year. With an increased free float of 29.2% and shares listed and traded on NASDAQ and Euronext Amsterdam, VEON serves over 210 million customers across 10 markets.

The core communications and connectivity services we provide are recognized as key drivers of social and economic development. With the acceleration in our digital strategy alongside the core business, we intend to develop innovative disruptive technologies to deliver new services and to drive growth. We remain firmly committed to the well-being of the communities we serve. VEON can transform lives with new innovative digital services and we hope to continue to delivering positive, lasting and sustainable impact in our markets.  

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