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About the 2015 report.


The report applies only to those geographical markets where we had active telecommunication operations at 31 December 2015. 

Our scope of reporting does not include markets where businesses were sold during the financial year or businesses where we control less than 50% of the equity, or don’t have management control and where they are not consolidated in our financial statements, or where they represent less than 0.15% of service revenue. During the year we have not acquired any businesses in new geographical markets. 

In August 2015, VimpelCom announced that it had signed an agreement to enter into a 50-50 joint venture in Italy with CK Hutchison. Under the agreement, VimpelCom will merge WIND with 3 Italia to create a leading convergent operator in Europe’s fourth largest market. WIND is included in this report on the same basis as in previous years. 

Our HQ in Amsterdam is also included in the scope of reporting for energy, health and safety and employee numbers. We provide a list of the subsidiaries that comprise VimpelCom in our Form 20-F. Further information on the principles that underpin our reporting, such as treatment of outsourced activities, basis for estimations, definitions etc. are provided in the section ‘Reporting principles’. Our businesses report on a geographical market, rather than on a legal entity, basis.

Intended audience

We intend to make this report available and relevant to a wide audience. However, as VimpelCom has little brand presence in our markets, it is our local brands which communicate with our customers on CR issues through their own reports, websites and other channels. Therefore, this report is mainly directly relevant to the following: 

  • The governments and public authorities in our countries of operation 
  • Our investors and the financial community 
  • The regulatory bodies that oversee our activities
  • Our global supply chain partners, international business customers and other corporate partners 
  • The media and other opinion formers 
  • Our employees at HQ and across our businesses.

The report is as concise and focused as possible. There is also a one-page highlights page available for those who want a rapid snapshot of our performance.

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