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Measuring the impact of all Make Your Mark initiatives is not straightforward and does not lend itself to the use of a single indicator.

Therefore we have set out below a series of indicators to illustrate our progress. We intend to refine this over the coming years.

Educational Programs

Key Performance IndicatorsIn 2015Example ProjectsKPI Definition
The number of children/young adults benefiting from:
Free internet connections (institutions) 8,500 Free internet connections to schools and institutions in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan Estimate based on the number of schools/orphanages (x the approximate number of children per institution) etc. where we provide free internet access
Donated computer equipment 12,150 Significant programs in Algeria, Pakistan, Armenia and Tajikistan Estimate based on the number of children/students likely to have access to donated equipment
mLiteracy programs 4,240 Jazz mLiteracy program in Pakistan The number of participants in literacy programs where the use of mobile technology is integral to the delivery
Other relevant education progams 4,300 Support for 'STEM' students in Ukraine Other programs which impact on digital skills or are technology-relevant

Digital Entrepreneurism

Key Performance IndicatorsIn 2015Example ProjectsKPI Definition
The number of young people:
Attending entrepreneurship educational events (classes, conferences) 10,531 Business Hub in Ukraine, Plan B in Russia, LUMS scouting events in Pakistan and skills-building programs in Armenia For example, start-up classes, 'camps', 'weekends' or lectures given on entrepreneurism/start-ups at VimpelCom supported events
Entering digital entrepreneur competitions 5,283 Eurasia Mobile Challenge, FIKRA, Seedstars and 3G Cup in Algeria, WIND Business Factor in Italy Either from records of individual participants, or estimated on the basis of the number of teams multiplied by an assumption of the number of people per team (3)
Participating in accelerators/incubators 159 LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship in Pakistan and LUISS Enlabs in Italy The number of individuals, or estimated from the number of teams/projects, hosted in VimpelCom-supported facilities

This table estimates the number of people that Make Your Mark has impacted directly. Our objective is that the benefit of these interactions will be multiplied many times over as the talented young people in question use their new skills and opportunities to make their mark on the world. We are already working with individuals and teams who have come through our various competitions and acceleration programs to develop their ideas and prototypes into mobile applications that can benefit society and we hope to report on this in more detail in our next report.

As awareness of Make Your Mark grows, primarily through social media, we hope to attract an increasing number of people to participate in the underpinning initiatives.

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