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Russia Uber and Beeline launched ‘UberPITCH’, a project to support innovative entrepreneurship in Russia.

Participants could order an Uber taxi where leading business people (including Beeline’s CEO and Chief Strategy Officer) and mentors would be fellow passengers – and then had 15 minutes to present their projects in the taxi and get helpful hints.

More than 100 ‘UberPITCHES’ were made – the event was vastly over-subscribed with more than 3,000 applications. Winners received an opportunity to present their projects at the Eurasia Mobile Challenge (ADD link).

Beeline, in collaboration with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, also held the Bauman Urban Hack competition, where the students were asked to create a prototype of a mobile service for finding missing people, using a ‘big data’ analysis approach. The winning application prototype was able to send missing-people alerts to customers in the relevant zone, with continuously expanding search territory and alert mail-out.


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