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The socio-economic, political and regulatory context of our markets mean the importance of these issues may vary across our footprint.

We illustrate this interaction graphically in the Our Approach diagram. Understanding this, we recognize and acknowledge that our approach to Corporate Responsibility rests on three main factors:


A range of stakeholders have legitimate concerns and expectations about how our company operates. By engaging with them we can understand and evaluate these issues and plan how best to improve our business. We describe our approach to stakeholder engagement here.


We prioritize these issues logically, by assessing the materiality of individual issues to our strategy, and their importance to our stakeholders. We set out our approach to this assessment, and the results, here.


Having identified the priorities, we form our strategy and governance approach, take appropriate action and report on our progress. This report describes our response across our most material issues.


Our Strategy

In August 2015, recognizing the major trends in facing our industry, we announced six strategic priority areas for focus in the coming years.

These trends include cost and pricing pressures, the rapid migration to data, the need to capture and monetize new revenue streams and the requirement to be flexible and agile in an increasingly digital world.

The six priority areas are:

  • Capitalizing on new revenue streams created by data growth, fixed-mobile convergence and business-to-business opportunities
  • Emerging as a digital leader from the transition to a mobile data-centric model and simplified digital customer experience
  • Achieving superior operating costs through transformation of our cost base
  • Optimizing our telecommunications portfolio through in-market consolidation, monetizing our tower portfolio and disposing of non-core assets
  • Continuing to build world-class operations
  • Structural improvements to optimize tax and capital structure. 

We provide more detail on the development of these objectives, and steps to implement them, in our Annual Report and Form 20-F. Our CR strategy is designed to support these objectives in the context of stakeholder priorities. This is illustrated in the diagram on the right, together with highlights of how we are implementing our strategy.

Our Business Principles

  1. We transform lives through innovative mobile applications with social, economic and environmental benefits
  2. We are honest with our customers and protect their privacy
  3. We act to ensure we respect human rights
  4. We do business in an ethical way, with no tolerance of bribery or corruption
  5. We are open and transparent with all our stakeholders
  6. We minimize the environmental impact of our operations, the products and services we sell, and our supply chain
  7. We support community projects and encourage employees to get involved.
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