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Beeline University gets 15th Anniversary Refresh

Formed in 1999 by VimpelCom Founder Dmitriy Zemin as a political discussion club, Russia’s Beeline University has evolved over the years into Beeline Russia’s in-house training and development arm, with 23,000 employees participating in its programs annually.

In its 15th anniversary year Beeline University has updated its curriculum and increased the involvement of senior leaders in developing it.

The new curriculum is structured by the main functions in a company. Functional leaders in the business teach relevant subjects when it makes sense for them to do so. Beeline Russia’s CEO acts as University Dean.

Beeline University at a glance:

  • More than 200 internal courses
  • 217 internal experts
  • 315 external trainers and providers
  • 12,000 annual e-learning participants
  • 2,500 daily e-learning participants
  • 400 electronic and mobile library books
  • CR reports
    Approach to CR
    CR strategy
  • CR videos
    Make Your Mark