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Awards & recognition


Djezzy rewarded for the best audiovisual content in Algeria with prodige

Djezzy rewarded for the best audiovisual content in Algeria with prodige


Best recruiter in the telecom field


Best Employer in Algeria by the Algerian Ministry of Labor and Solidarity


Excellency medal for business practices


Best Operator in North Africa by IDATE

Brand overview

The Djezzy brand name is a combination of “Djaza,” meaning “reward” and Djazair, or “Algeria” in Arabic. 

Djezzy’s brand attributes are: Enthusiastic, Competent, Unifying and Engaging and in total represent the democratization of mobile telecommunications in Algeria. In October 2012, as part of its 10-year anniversary, Djezzyintroduced a new tagline: “welcome to tomorrow” to symbolize its commitment to the innovations tomorrow brings to telecommunications and Djezzy’s customers.Djezzy has a second brand named “Allo OTA.” This brand is exclusively dedicated to prepaid service. 

Djezzy provides a wide range of services such as prepaid, postpaid, data and value added services and was the first to launch the Blackberry service in Algeria. Djezzy is the market leader in mobile telecommunications services in Algeria with a market share 55.2% (as of end of 2012) and a network covering 95% of the population. 

Brand history

Djezzy was established in 2002 and, in less than a year, became the market leader for telecommunications in Algeria. Djezzy’s market dominance was made possible by the introduction of a range of prepaid and postpaid voice and data telecommunications services. Djezzy became part of VEON (former VimpelCom) Group in 2011 after the merger between OTH and VimpelCom groups. 

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