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The Supervisory Board has a number of committees, which remain informed on specific topic areas, and make recommendations to the full Supervisory Board.

Committees consist solely of elected Supervisory Board members.  

Finance Committee

Members: A.Gusev (chairman) and G. Laurence

Our Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing financial transactions, policies, strategies and the capital structure of VEON and its subsidiaries.  



Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Members: G. Gazin (chairman), G. Holt and A. Gusev

Our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for coordinating the selection process for candidates to become directors and recommending such candidates to the Supervisory Board.   



Compensation Committee

Members: U. Burns  (chairman), A. Gusev and G. Laurence 

Our Compensation Committee is responsible for approving the compensation of the directors, officers and employees of VEON and its subsidiaries, our employee benefit plans, any equity compensation plans of VEON and its subsidiaries, and any contract relating to a director, officer or shareholder of our company or any of our subsidiaries or their respective family members or affiliates. 


Audit and Risk Committee

Members: J. Jensen (chairman), G. Holt and G. Gazin

Our Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for the appointment, compensation, retention and oversight of auditors, establishing procedures for addressing complaints related to accounting or audit matters and engaging necessary advisors. Our Audit and Risk Committee is required to satisfy the requirements of Rule 10A-3 under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the rules and regulations thereunder.




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