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Smart connectivity

VEON operates a world-class network infrastructure, combining 3G and 4G/LTE voice, Wi-Fi, and IP networks across 10 markets including Russia, Algeria, Pakistan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and Eurasia. This makes us the strategic partner of choice for smart connectivity projects in emerging markets.

VEON Business brings together the best in smart connectivity, from indoor coverage for office buildings, retail stores, and shopping malls, to high density coverage for stadiums, airports, and train stations. VEON’s highly scalable smart connectivity solutions for large public spaces can handle more than 80,000 internet users and 24,000 video streams at any one time.

VEON Business can help you plan, engineer, and deploy large-scale connectivity projects for business and commercial use, whether indoor or outdoor. We work with some of the largest organizations in our markets to design and build robust, reliable solutions, combining Picocell, Lampsite, and W-Fi technologies, that deliver a superior user experience.

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