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Throughout its history, VEON has been committed to delivering high standards of corporate governance – a commitment that remains firmly in place today.

VEON is a public company listed on the NASDAQ exchange in the United States and Euronext Amsterdam in the Netherlands, complying with all of the applicable listing and disclosure requirements as a foreign private issuer. We are committed to transparency regarding material developments in the Company or affecting its securities, in line with accepted practices. Additionally, VEON also complies with applicable reporting requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. These include the filing of an annual report on Form 20-F each year with audited consolidated financials.

VEON’s corporate governance system gives its Supervisory Board authority for strategic decisions for the Group. The corporate governance “authority matrix” (contained in the Company bye-laws) requires that the Supervisory Board approve important matters, including, among others, the Group’s annual budget and audited accounts, organizational or reporting changes to the management structure, significant transactions, as well as changes to share capital or other significant actions.  

Shareholder approval policies and procedures are also in line with applicable requirements. All Supervisory Board members are elected by our shareholders through cumulative voting. Each voting share confers on its holder a number of votes equal to the number of directors to be elected. The holder may cast those votes for candidates in any proportion, including casting all votes for one candidate.

Bye-laws of VEON

Our Bye-laws outline VEON's purpose, share structure, managerial bodies, and the rights and responsibilities of shareholders and directors. This document is a fundamental component of our operations.


Code of Conduct of VEON

The VEON Code of Conduct is a statement of legal and ethical principles that apply to all VEON companies and operations. The Code of Conduct defines what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the areas of health, safety and security, how VEON interacts with employees, customers, business partners, competitors, governments and communities, and how VEON assets and information are to be used.



Speak Up

Do you want to raise a concern?

VEON maintains several confidential tools that can be used to raise concerns about potential violations of the law, VEON's Code of Conduct, and/or its policies or procedures. VEON will not tolerate retaliation against any person who is trying to do the right thing by raising a concern. You can speak up by email, online or by phone.If you wish to remain anonymous, you can do so online or by phone.

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